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So long...

     I think it makes sense that the K-T survivors were more NUMEROUS 
than the extincted because it seems like most of the K-T survivors were 
relatively small animals of the kind that are more common numerically 
today (the bigger you are, the fewer of you there can be).  
     Saying "the more successful animals died" is ignoring the fact that 
small animals are usually more successful in terms of total numbers.  
Bigger is not neccessarily better...do I sense personal feelings of 
inadequacy?...Just kidding.  If you kill off the same PERCENTAGE of everybody
in a mass exticntion, for small species this will mean 1) greater 
total numbers of survivors, and 2) greater genotypic diversity, compared 
to the big animals.  You get the same effect if you kill of the same total 
NUMBER of everybody.    
     I'm suffering soemwhat in the cladistic debate. so perhaps its best 
to take off now.  I'm going home for Thanksgiving, and I'll only have two 
weeks before Christmas when I get back, so I probably won't bother to 
re-subscribe until January.
     Ta ta!

Little Nekkid Jeff