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Re: (Long) word from the sole "non-stealthy egg" believer

From: Ronald Orenstein <ornstn@inforamp.net>

 > ... of laying numerous small clutches as insurance that if one
 > is predated others may survive.

And in the opposite direction is laying a single clutch with many of
eggs.  The idea here is to locally satiate the egg-predators, so that
they leave at least some eggs alone. Related to this is colony nesting,
that is nesting close to con-specifics. This significantly enhances the
satiation effect.

In plants this strategy is quite common, and very successful.  It is
called mast seeding. A common example is many species of oaks, which
set seed in great numbers at almost the same time.

Given the evidence for colonial nesting in Maiasaurua, and its presence
in many living birds.  This strategy seems quite likely in at least some

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