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Dinosaur book, more questions.

                A few week ago I have asked questions about dinosaurs and
dino's era to incorporate facts in the story book I'm writing. Some more
questions have appeared. I don't know if it's the right place to post these
questions so feel free to e-mail your kindfull answers directly to me not to
bother the list.

        I need to know how most of you got the "dinobite", how did you get
involved or interested to dinosaurs?

         What were your dreams in your first years at scool or when you were
under graduates and graduates?

         Have you got a job right away or have you been searcing for a while
before getting a job in paleontology?

        If you got a job in a museum, was it temporary or did you get hired
for good?

        Was it easy to get your first job?

        It is important for me to have this information because I want to
write about dino's and the guys (and girls) that work hard to explain the
old life of the planet.

        Another question I have to ask:

        If there is any natives on-line, I want to know if there is a legend
concerning dinosaurs? If so, especially on tyrannosaurus and triceratops?

 Thanks in advance for your patience and consideration,

 From Denis Bombardier (:­)>
 amateur paleontologist
 Que.Can. SMILEY@virtuel.qc.ca