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Tyrrell Museum Phone Numbers, Address, etc.

 I'm asked from time to time off line for Tyrrell Museum phone/fax/email
numbers, mailing address, etc. As the phone system at Tyrrell has been
modified lately, it is prudent to post this new information.

 1. Our mailing address, remains unchanged: Royal Tyrrell Museum of
Palaeontology, Box 7500, Drumheller, AB, Canada T0J 0Y0.

 2. General Email address: rtmp@dns.magtech.ab.ca

 3. Fax is still: (403)823-7131.
 4. Phone number is still: (403) 823-7707.

 5. Toll free numbers. These have been modified.

  a. The toll free number (294-1992) from Calgary, AB is now longer active.
All residents of Alberta can now call the Tyrrell Museum toll free by
dialing 310-0000, then ask for 823-7707.

  b. There is now a toll free number to Tyrrell for all Canadian residents
(except Alberta; see 5a above). Canadian residents outside of Alberta can
call the Tyrrell Museum toll free by dialing 1-888-440-4240.

 Darren Tanke