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Dino Vocalizations: My Gr.9 Science Fair Project

[I have a good bit of trepidation about sending a mime encoded
 attachment that I suspect many of you won't be able to read...  I
 actually can't read it by default and would thus need to do some
 additional processing in order to view it; quite frankly I'm not
 planning to, so I can only hope it works for others.  In any event,
 since it's not that large I figure it might serve as a good
 experiment.  Please let me know if you'd like me to keep such things
 in or filter them out in the future.  -- MR ]

Thank you to all of you who are continuing to send advice and encouragement!
To give you an idea how my project is progressing, I am attaching an outline
that I had to prepare for my science teacher.

Does anyone have e-mail addresses for Dr. Phil Currie and Dr. Darren Tanke
at the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology in Drumheller?  I have been
advised that they are the best people to ask about the length of the
cochlear duct in predators.

Della Drury

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