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Hou, Martin etc

I made a copy of Hou, Martin, Zhou and Feduccia's article today, 
acutally I read the article while waiting to use the copier at the 
local Univeristy (please, if your making copies, please have what you 
need aready marked, so the rest of us don't have to wait till you find 
what you need, ok, I'm done with my commentary) 

Anyway I don't buy the birds are not from dinosaurs gig. Where did they 
come from then, crocodiles? Yea right.

I talked to a few paleontologist about the following, they all agreed 
with the logic.

If Archaeopterygids are Enanithoriformes, and IF Dromaeosaurids evolved 
from Archaeopterygids, then Dromaeosaurids are Enanithoriform's. 

Just something to think about.