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Re: _Discover_ article

On Sun, 24 Nov 1996, Dave L. Hardenbrook wrote:

> Has anyone seen the article in the December _Discover_ magazine
> about Tomasz Owerkowicz using nasal cavities as refutation of
> hot-blooded dinos and confimation of the mass homeothermy theory?
> He says that dinosaurs lacked turbinates, special organs in the
> nasal cavity of warm-blooded animals.  He also thinks that the nasal
> cavities themselves were too small to allow dinosaurs to inhale a
> sufficient quantity of oxygen to sustain a warm-blooded animal.
> Anyone care to comment on this thesis?

You might want to email your thoughts and speculations re:hot vs cold - 
blooded dinos to Hillenius at the College of Charleston, SC.Thats 
hilleniusw@cofc.edu.I have read the article and studied under him.He 
found that dinosaurs studied, including several therapods, had neither 
turbinates or projections within the nasal cavity that might have 
supported turbinates.The nasal cavities of dinosaurs studied were 
similar to those of crocodiles, narrow and much smaller than cavities 
seen in endotherms.
Tomasz found that stress produced changes in reptilian bone that would 
lead one to conclude the bone came from an endotherm.
Reptilian physiology would not have precluded the level of activity 
depicted in "Jurrasic Park". The only inaccuracy in the film: dinobreath 
would not have misted refrigerator glass.

[ The "only" inaccuracy?  Oh no... Please everybody; let's let that
  pass without further comment!  -- MR ]

Stephen Faust                   smfaust@edisto.cofc.edu