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The second issue of DINOSAUR DISCOVERIES goes to press in
just a few days (right after Thanksgiving). One section of
this newsletter is the Dinosaur Events Calendar, which lists
symposia, conferences, exhibitions, and other dinosaur-related
items. If you know of such an event, please Email details
about it to tiger@arn.net and we will get it into the

We are always looking for good articles about new dinosaurs,
and are reviewing material for issue #3 which will be printed
in the first week of January. Anyone interested in writing
an article about a new dinosaur, or a new theory or idea
about dinosaurs, (and doesn't mind actually getting paid
for it), drop a note to tiger@arn.net and let us know what
you want to write about.

Issue #2 includes articles on Deinonychus, Pawpawsaurus,
Alxasaurus, Mononykus, the SVP meeting, bird-dino relations,
and several other things. Anyone interested in subscribing can
contact the tiger address above. We do have some copies of
issue #1 remaining, and if you want we can even start your
subscription with that issue.