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Paul Willis wrote:

> Darren Naish wrote (quoting me quoting Ronald Orensten):
> >> >By the Lower Cret, Australia had _Steropodon galmani_,
> >>
> >> We also now have a second Cretaceous monotreme in _Kallikodon_.
> >
> >_Kollikodon_ (nomen nudum _Hotcrossbunodon_ never accepted by ICZN).

No, I was quoting you quoting me.

[ Sorry, that was my fault.  I found Ron's quote of you and thought it
  was the original. -- MR ]

> Did Hotcrossbunodon ever make it as far as the ICZN? I know that when the
> name was first floated in the pub, everyone else pointed out that the namer
> would appear to be a complete wanker. I thought the matter ended there.

Hmm. I get the impression that most Aussie vert taxa names start off in the
pub;-) _Hotcrossbunodon_ is a nomen nudum as it has been published in assorted
places (if, that is, a nomen nudum is still a n.n. even when it has been
replaced by a new, formal name for the same taxon), but it was 'never accepted
by ICZN' for, as Paul implies, it never got that far (AFAIK). Same goes for the
theropod _Pissedoffasaurus_.. then there's the enigmatic _Whatthefuckia_... (and
I don't know what sort of animal that is). 


> The fossils from Lightning Ridge are recovered by opal miners (with only a
> few excaptions) and all are working in the Albian Griman Creek Formation.
> It is not possible to assign any fossils from this unit to anything other
> than Albian because the provenance of each specimen is so poorly known. As
> for the Lightning Ridge plesiosaur, which one are you talking about? A
> number of plesiosaur specimens have come from Lightning Ridge but none have
> received the attention of better speciemsn from Andamooka, White Cliffs or
> Coober Pedy.

Sorry, I was merely aware that Lightning Ridge had 'plesiosaur material'. Indet.
I would guess. 

> I have to conceed here. My knowedge of mammalian taxonomy is weak. As far
> as I am concerned, they are all unprocessed crocodile droppings.

I hope that's not a paraphyletic taxon.

"Don't think I can't tell when there's something wrong, la la la"