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Re: No aquatic dinos? (was Re: No dinosaurs in Quebec, Canada?)

From: pwillis@ozemail.com.au (Paul Willis)

 > Kollikodon probably derives from the Griman Creek Formation which is
 > thought to be distal esturine deposits.

My terminology knowledge suddenly fails me: in this context is "distal"
relative to the marine or the terrestrial end of the estuary??

 > Kollikodon is known from a single dentary fragment with three teeth, it
 > would be very difficult to determine if it was living there of (more
 > likely) it was a blow in (or should I say wash in).

Sigh, well given that provenance, the status indeed is ambiguous.

I know of no reliable way of determining if a single fragmentary
fossil is autochthonous or allochthonous.  In fact, a single fragment
is probably more often allochthonous than otherwise.

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