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RE:Dino extinctions

"Bosco" wrote:

>The one fact that Bakker brings up that seems to make sense about
>this episode at the K-T is the lack of mass die off in tropical
>animals that would certainly have occurred. "Ask not why the
>dinosaurs died off, but why the frogs and turtles lived" seems to be
>what he said.

        I thought a handy method for surviving tough environmental situations 
such as global catastrophe and seasonal cooling was the ability to go into a 
dormant stage (something frogs and turtles can do in the winter). I also 
remember that microscopic sea organisms that had the ability to form a 
dormant stage made it through the K-T. Is this still valid? Obviously, dinos 
no chance of hibernation, burrowing, quick getaways such as this and, having 
large size as a drawback, couldn't dodge the bullet (whatever the smoking gun 

S. Hill