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Cheshire croc

There is a short report in _The Chronicle of Higher Education_,
Nov. 22, 1996, p. A12, by Liz McMillen, about a Triassic-era skull
which was found in Cheshire, Connecticut, by Dr. Paul Olsen, professor
of geological sciences at Columbia University.  The skull is 3 inches
long and the animal is estimated to have been 20 inches long.  There
is a photo of the skull and a sketch of how the animal might have
looked running.  It has not yet been named; it may belong to the
same genus as Erpetosuchus, discovered in 1894 in Scotland.  The
age of the fossil is compared to that of Velociraptor (!).

[ Thanks, George! -- MR ]

George Pesely, Austin Peay State University  <peselyg@apsu01.apsu.edu>