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Re: _Discover_ article

Caitlin R. Kiernan wrote:

> See "Biological Consequences of Mesozoic Atmospheres: Respiratory Adaptations
> and Functional Range of *Apataosaurus*" (Richard A. Hengst et. al., in
> CRETACEOUS- TERTIARY MASS EXTINCTIONS (Macleod and Keller, 1996, W.W. Norton
> & Co.).
> This paper concludes that the respiratory system of apatosaurs  would not
> have permitted an active lifesytle in the  *modern* atmosphere, and that
> *Apatosaurus* may have had a metabolism intermediate between ectothermy and
> endothermy. Their study includes the reconstruction of an apatosaur
> respiratory system, in part, from an estimation of nostril diameter.  They
> also discuss the possibility of elevated oxygen level during the Mesozoic,
> allowing "supercharged" breaths.

        I know that at least one specimen of Apatosaurus has been 
mounted with a head that is too small, and I wonder if this was a problem 
or was taken into account if it was. I have no idea whether this is a 
problem with the Yale Apatosaurus, the AMNH Apatosaurus, or both.   


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