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RE: wellnhoph

 From:  PWSPARKS@aol.com[SMTP:PWSPARKS@aol.com]

>The book written by Wellnfoph (?) "An Encyclopedia of Flying Reptiles", 1991
>was susposed to be at Barnes and Noble. I struck out. Would some one please
>give me the ISBN number so I can get the book. 
>[ Since he brought it up... has anyone else had trouble?  A few weeks
>  ago I tried Borders, and in their database they couldn't find
>  anything at all by Wellnhoffer.  -- MR ]
>many thanks
>paul sparks

I got it at a Barnes & Noble in suburban Seattle last night - $14.95. It
is great!

They had it as a sale book, put out for clearance in a special sales
aisle filled with many other clearance coffee table books!   If I had
gone to the dino or science book section I would NOT have found it.    I
happened to be walking through the store when I glanced at it. B&N seems
to have bought it as a remaindered item.  

The amazon.com book database does not have it.  They have a german
edition for over $100, and 6 week delivery.