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Re: wellnhoph

[ I probably could have rejected this on the grounds that Nathan's
  message got here first, but perhaps I'm feeling vain and trying to
  show that it ain't just me having trouble with this book! :-) -- MR ]

At 05:14 PM 11/25/96 -0500, PWSPARKS@aol.com wrote:

>The book written by Wellnfoph (?) "An Encyclopedia of Flying Reptiles", 1991
>was susposed to be at Barnes and Noble. I struck out. Would some one please
>give me the ISBN number so I can get the book. 
>[ Since he brought it up... has anyone else had trouble?  A few weeks
>  ago I tried Borders, and in their database they couldn't find
>  anything at all by Wellnhoffer.  -- MR ]

   Watch out.  Barnes and Noble considers this reprint a "bargain book" and
does not track it in their computer system properly, despite the fact that
it was reprinted *last month*.  I called B&N, they told me they were out, I
ordered one, got a card back saying it was out of print, called to bitch,
then after they called several stores and the manger scoured their own
store, they found an entire bleeping bloody STACK of the bleeping bloody
books right in front of the bleeping bloody cash register where they could
have seen it while talking to me on the bleeping bloody phone.

   Look for the book in the "bargain books" section.  You'll also find a
reprint of the Czerkas' _DInosaurs, a Global View_ there.

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