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RE: wellnhoph

Nathan Myhrvold wrote:

> I got [_The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Prehistoric Flying
> Reptiles_] at a Barnes & Noble in suburban Seattle last night -
> $14.95. It is great!
>They had it as a sale book, put out for clearance in a special sales
>aisle filled with many other clearance coffee table books!   If I had
>gone to the dino or science book section I would NOT have found it.    I
>happened to be walking through the store when I glanced at it. B&N seems
>to have bought it as a remaindered item.  

        The book is now called _The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Prehistoric 
Flying Reptiles_ by Dr. Peter Wellnhofer.

        The ISBN is 076070154-7, and it is $14.98 plus tax. When you go into 
your local B&N go to the Bargain Section. I am the bargain supervisor at the 
Barnes & Noble in Annapolis, MD, and almost all the stores are carrying this 
title as part of the Christmas Proprietary display. This means the book is 
now published exclusively by Barnes & Noble.

        The cover of the book is a light yellow.

        If you cannot locate this item in your local store, I have about 
five left (not sure if I'll be getting any more in) and you can purchase it 
over the phone with a credit card. There is a $3.00 charge for UPS shipping.

        The number of the store is (410) 573-1115. Hours are from 9 a.m. to 
11 p.m. every day (East Coast time) and most booksellers can help you. You 
can ask for me by name, as well.

        We also have a title called _Dinosaurs: A Global View_ by Czerkas, 
and that carries a $24.98 price tag in the bargain section. I don't have the 
ISBN handy.
        I hope this isn't inappropriate. I assure you, I get no commission 
or even special brownie points for phone sales : ). Hope this helps!

[ It seemed ok to me, though I did trim out some of the previously
  quoted text.  And I hope this is the last we hear on the subject...
  -- MR ]

        - Chris Ward     )