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Re: Not _Sinosauropteryx_

In a message dated 96-11-25 17:20:12 EST, GROS4891@Adc.MtRoyal.AB.CA
(Palaeogothica) writes:

>         I got a chance to talk to Mike Skrepnick on the weekend, and 
> it would appear that our labelling the "Chinese Feathered Theropod" 
> as _Sinosauroptryx prima_ is a bit premature. Mike came down on me 
> pretty hard, stating something to the effect of "the guy who found it 
> is an invertebrate palaeontologist who has no business naming the 
> thing" and that the name will probably be changed once the real paper 
> on it is out. And just when I figured out how to say it too!:-)... 

Too bad, but this doesn't matter, since the name has seen print in a number
of publications, including _Science_. It's not the "our" (dinosaur list's)
labeling, but the Chinese scientists' labeling that is premature. Naturally,
_Sinosauropteryx prima_ remains a _nomen nudum_ until the formal description
is published, and if the name of the theropod species is changed,
_Sinosauropteryx prima_ remains a _nomen nudum_ until someone else uses it
formally for some other species.