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Re: Dino Vocalizations: My Previous Attachment

On Mon, 25 Nov 1996, Mickey Rowe wrote:

> [ You might want to keep in mind that making noises predators can't
>   hear is likely to be quite separate from making alarm calls.  An
>   animal is better off if its predators *can* hear alarm calls because
>   said calls tell the predator that he's been spotted.  Predators are
>   less likely to pursue prey if they "know" they've been detected and
>   are thus in for a chase.  As potential prey, you want to make noises
>   your predators can't hear when those noises serve purposes other
>   than alerting your neighbors of a predator, however. -- MR ]

Recent work with elephants has shown that they utilize ultra low
frequencies. A major purpose is to maintain communications over wider
distances, non line of sight. If predators *can't* hear these calls, then
so much the better as they then would not know of potential prey
advertising themselves.

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