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For reasons I don't understand, the server that handles tiger@arn.net
(the address for Dinosaur Discoveries) did not accept or send any mail
for the last 12 hours (conveniently, right after I posted a notice asking
people to send mail there). Anyone who sent a dinosaur calendar listing
or a request for information or a subscription order since yesterday
probably didn't get it through. Your server may be one of the nice ones that
let's you know mail bounced, or even nicer and may still be trying, or
it may have just tossed the mail. Anyway, sometime a few hours from now,
please try again to send it to tiger@arn.net or if you wish you can
send it to steve.cole@genie.com since that account is still working fine,
but isn't the official company one.--Steve Cole, mightly annoyed editor
of Dinosaur Discoveries