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Re:_Discover_ article

Nick Longrich wrote:

> I know that at least one specimen of Apatosaurus has been mounted
> with a head that is too small, and I wonder if this was a problem or
> was taken into account if it was. I have no idea whether this is a
> problem with the Yale Apatosaurus, the AMNH Apatosaurus, or both.

The *Apatosaurus* examined for the purposes of the study by Hengst et.  is an
articulated skeleton at the Field Museum.
I don't know the catalog number. However, "Details of a cast of a
*Diplodocus* skull were used in this study because of its similarity to
*Apatosaurus* and because it was not possible to  make direct measurements of
nostril size and shape from the skull casting on the articulated
*Apatosaurus* specimen. Nostril size and shape were determined from the
*Diplodocus* casting and later modified  from photographs, personal
communications with McIntosh, and examinations of Gilmore's (1936) and
Hatcher's (1901) descriptions of diplodocene dinosaurs."

Caitlin R. Kiernan