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And now back to Chris...

To avoid some of the holiday traffic I'm skipping town today instead
of tomorrow, so Chris Nedin (whose pilgrims gave thanks on a different
day) is in charge of the list again.

I'm not sure why the Wellnhoffer book was such a popular topic, but
I've gotten three or four more messages about it.  None of them seemed
to have anything that was both new and relevant to the list, so I'm
probably going to hold them back (I'll look at them again this weekend
to make a final determination).  If you have any complaints, please
forward them to Chris :-) :-)

Chris (and anyone else who may have missed my previous editorial)
we're not accepting any messages that look like their distribution via
the list could be construed as copyright infringement.  Call us
paranoid, but current trends among list-managers (I can point you to
an archive of the mailing list for them if you think I'm making this
up!) suggest a) as a list owner you can do anything you want and b) as
a moderator you can be considered liable for the content that passes
through the list.  Therefore I want to protect myself (and Chris even
if he's not as deserving :-)

I'm *hoping* this is the last time I'll ask Chris to step in, so
anyone who wants to write about invertebrates rather than dinosaurs
this is your big chance!

Mickey Rowe     (mrowe@indiana.edu)