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Re: wellnhoph

On Mon, 25 Nov 1996 PWSPARKS@aol.com wrote:

> The book written by Wellnfoph (?) "An Encyclopedia of Flying Reptiles", 1991
> was susposed to be at Barnes and Noble. I struck out. Would some one please
> give me the ISBN number so I can get the book.
> [ Since he brought it up... has anyone else had trouble?  A few weeks
>   ago I tried Borders, and in their database they couldn't find
>   anything at all by Wellnhoffer.  -- MR ]
> many thanks
> paul sparks
The book was written by Peter Wellnhoffer.

I saw the listing for the books in the November Barnes and Noble mail
order catalogue.  I don't know if they send the same catalogues to both
Canada and the States but I assume they do.

In Canada (and maybe the US too) the phone number is 1-800-843-2665

Both books are published by Barnes and Noble and are hardcovers.

The book "Dinosaurs - A Global View", by Sylvia and Stephen Czerkas is
$24.98 US.  Order No. E135912.

The book "The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Prehistoric Flying Reptiles",
by Peter Wellnhoffer is $14.98 US.  Order No. E135714.

My copies came a few days ago and look extremely interesting and
informative.  I was very pleased with them.

Hope this is useful