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Re: wellnhoph

    The plot thickens....I visited Barnes & Noble today. After going
through the rows of "bargain books" I did find Wellnhoffer's "The
Illustrated Encyclopedia of Flying Reptiles." When I went to check out I
mentioned the trouble some people were having. The manager took interest
and checked on the computer.  He said, "our computer uses a dumb (could
have fooled me) database that isn't very sophisticated." Anyway, when he
finally found it he discovered that the title, in the database, is listed
as Illus Ency of Prehistoric FR. So if they looked for the real title
they never would find it. When he searched by author he found that they
had spelled Wellnhoffer "Wellnhoffe" so Wellenhoffer doesn't even show
up. Then he punched up the isbn #0-7607-0154-7
and that drew a blank...talk about a comedy of errors!
   So the book is there and looks like a nice read. I also picked up
Dinosaurs: A Global View and a Dinosaur 1997 calendar, so it wasn't a
total loss. If you go to get the book and can't find it yourself use the
information I described above to find it. The database is wrong
nationwide at B&N.

When we looked for the volume in Books in Print  we found it isn't even
listed. Only Wellnhoffer's 1978 work on Pterosaurs is credited to him