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Re: Spinosaurus

George Olshevsky wrote:

> Unfortunately, there are no known cranial dorsals for _Becklespinax_, so we
> cannot say whether the spine was particularly flexible there, but the three
> caudal dorsals that are preserved are firmly locked together in three places
> per vertebra and thus quite immobile. Furthermore, the neural spines are
> textured and rough, especially at their tops, which does suggest imbedding in
> muscular flesh. So it's likely that _Becklespinax_ sported a ridgeback,
> whereas _Spinosaurus_ had some kind of sail.

That makes sense.  _Acrocanthosaurus_' spiny ridge was almost
certainly embedded in muscle.  I also vaguely recall that its
cervical vertebrae were quite inflexible.

It also fits in with the close phylogenetic relationship which many
authors believe existed between _Becklespinax_ and _Acrocanthosaurus_
(e.g. Greg Paul's _PDW_, where they are congeneric - as _A.
altispianx_ and _A. atokensis_).