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Re: Spinosaurus

> I would keep them in different genera but agree that they belong in the same
> family (Sinraptoridae, as far as I'm concerned, along with _Sinraptor_,
> Piatnitzkysaurus_, _Metriacanthosaurus_, and _Yangchuanosaurus_, among
> others; _B._ and _A._ were the most-derived-known members).

For what it's worth, I'd agree - although I'd hesitate about putting
_Metriacanthosaurus_ in with this bunch.  _M._'s ilium has a rather
unusual shape for a sinraptorid.  (And wouldn't this also give the
name Metriacanthosauridae priority over Sinraptoridae??).  I'd also
put _Szechuanosaurus_ (_S. campi_, not _S. zigongensis_) and probably
also _Marshosaurus_ (which has a very sinraptorid-like maxilla) in the

Where's the highest point of _Acrocanthosaurus_' spiny ridge - for
the life of me I can't find a photo of this critter.  Was it over the
shoulders, or somewhere further along; or were all the spines of
about equal height along most of the dorsal series?