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Re: Extinction Impact

Russ Andersson wrote:
> There is a nice article today in the NYT Science Section(p C1) on
> the possible extinction impact--based on physical evidence and
> cratering physics, determining the flight direction of the object
> impacting the ~Yucatan was from the Southeast with resulting large
> damage to the north west, ie North America, thus explaining
> comparatively high species extinction in NA vs globally.
> Based on work of Schultz of Brown U et al.

The KT extinction wasn't the only mass extinction that hit comparatively
high species extinction in NA vs globally. The Thithonian - Berriasian
mass extinction seems also to be a very local event. As far as we now
know not less than 82 % of the dinosaur genera that dissapeared in this
mass extinction lived in North America. Beside's that, the evend
specially hit the sauropods. 88% of the victims belonged to this taxa.
Even Brachiosaurus one of the fiew global survivers didn't make it into
the Cretaceous of North America.

It seems to me that North America isn't a very safe place to live -:))

[especially at this moment if you are a turkey - Chris]

With regards
Fred Bervoets