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Re: Humped Dinosaurs (Spinosaurus)

>I disagree; as they say, form follows function.  If features found in
>different animals are morphologically similar, then we can be pretty
>certain that those features were used for the same purposes (the
>definition of "convergent evolution").  Across the board, mammals with
>flat, blade-shaped neural spines have some kind of hump structure,
>ranging from a camel's fat-laiden hump, to a pig's muscle laiden hump
>(The only time we see a sail is when the spines are thin and needle-like).
>Since the spines of _Spinosaurus_ have this same morphology, then some
>kind of hump structure should have existed.  As your favorite sage would
>say, "Size matters not."

This would work if Spinosaurus was a mammal, but guess what it wasn't.
I wish people would stop using mammals as an anology, Dinosaurs are not
MAMMALS, and should NOT be compared to such.

Another explanation is there was no sail, just long neural spines and
each spine was covered in skin. No one but me thinks pelycosaurs were
like this, or spinosaurus for that matter.