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Re: Acrocanthosaurus

>        There is a good body of published evidence that suggests that
>_Acrocanthosaurus_ forms a clade with _Giganotosaurus_ and
>_Carcharodontosaurus_, as George is no doubt aware.  Currie is rumored
>to believe that acro is not closely related to these others, but no one
>has said whether he has suggested that they do not form a monophyletic
>group or not (since he seems to use traditional taxonomy, I cannot be
>sure if he is referring to morphological distance or phylogeny).
>        In any case, I should like to hear your reasons for this

I talked to Phil about this eariler this year and he was very adiment
about the differences. Mainly in the braincases. The Acrocanthosaurus
skull is crushed flat.

Giganotosaurus, Carcharodontosaurus is closer to..., well, I Really
can't say because of the work being done on Giganotosaurus (I don't
want a certian person to get peived at me again). But I side with Phil.