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Mesozoic Oxygen

Rich -  (please excuse the familiarity, but I don't know your title)

One of the unanswered questions I have on Mesozoic atmosphere is the effect
of elevated O2 levels on atmospheric pressure.  Basic gas laws would suggest
that if O2 levels were elevated over present conditions then barometric
pressures would also be elevated.  An obvious physiological consequence for
animals would be an increased driving force in respiratory uptake of O2
(which could be favorable for dinosaur physiology and slightly unfavorable
for mammals.  I haven't taken the time to look for refs yet on the effect on
plant photosynthesis, but my recollection is that elevated O2 levels can be
inhibitory on certain pathways.

Can you summarize for me (off-list if appropriate) the latest evidence for
oxygen levels and who is doing what?

Many thanks, from a former Boilemaker, ('69-73)

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