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Lost World Raptor[tm]

    Greetings everybody,
        I saw a pic of one of the new Raptors[tm] from 
Crichton's/Speilberg's fake _The Lost World_ (the REAL one being 
Conan Doyle's), and it's improved a bit. It was only a picture of the 
head, but it looks like the skull, while not 100%, is a little more 
accurate than the one from JP.

        And for teh dino-nut who must have everything with a dinosaur 
on it, I recently saw a compilation CD called _Never Say Dinosaur_, 
that has a t-rex on the front and a _Deinonychus_ skelleton on the 
back. The CD features a bunch of Alternative bands who's affilations 
to dinosaurs remains uncertain...

        Later days all...
        "If you were any other man, I would kill you where you stand."

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