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Different twist of BCF

There are two different bird lineanges during the Mesozoic, the
Enantiornithes and the Ornithurae. IMHO they branched off early in the
Jurassic. Both Dinosaurs and Enantiornithes died off at the end of the
Cretaceous. Why , didn't the Ornithurae? Also IMHO both Dinosaurs and
Enantiornithes were metabolically similar and the Ornithurae had
advanced further than either one.

It is my gut feeling (MGF, is there such an abbreviation? If not, I
just made it up, kwool, you all can use it) that it is the
Enantiornithes that gave rise to 'Dino birds', i.e. Dromaeosauridae,
Oviraptoridae etc and not the Ornithurae. And it is the Enantiornithes
that are George's BCF and the theropods. The Ornithurae are a branch
from the Enantiornithes along with the 'Dino birds'.

Ornithurae           K/T                    Enantiornithes
   \                                                   / 
     \                                               /    
       \                                           /              
         \                                       /  
           \                                   /        
             \                               /   
               \                           /                
                 \                       /                       
                   \                   / Jurassic/Cretaceous boundary   
                     \               /                  
                       \           /                  
                         \       /
                           \   / 
                             '   First bird?
 Something like this, still needs a lot of work.