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Re: Phytodinosauria

On the subject of the evolution of carnivory from herbivory,
Ron Orenstein wrote:

> Among the marsupials the extinct Thylacoleo is probably a carnivore
> descended from a herbivore; so are the supposedly predatory fossil
> propleopine kangaroos.  Among the placentals the megalonychids were
> carnivores descended from 'creodont' herbivores (as are their descendants,
> the whales).  Among living examples are the grasshopper mice, voracious

Don't want to be picky but, I assume you meant _mesonychids_, not
megalonychids, right? It sounds amusing otherwise.

Michel Chartier

[I'm pretty certain that Michel is right.  If he is, you don't need to
 confirm it, Ron. -- MR ]