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Re: flapping from gliding

 From: Nick Longrich <longrich@phoenix.Princeton.EDU>

 > > However, is it no possible that the "difficult" step is the transition
 > > from gliding to powered flight?
 > ... aquatic fliers. There are a number of animals, ...
 > the flying gurnard (I think...) and, unless Iheard
 > wrong, some kinds of squid. I'd guess they evolved leaping to evade
 > predators, ...
 >      The big mystery is insects. There aren't many insects today
 > that give a clue to how flight may have evolved-

In my opinion the best current theory is the "aquatic" theory for
the origin of insect flight.  The experiments with mayfly larvae
are quite instructive, and IMHO fairly convincing. [Note, convincing,
not conclusive].

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