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Footprint info

Finally over jet lag and ready to think straight! I am after some
information on some footprint sites in Utah and Arizona.

I have just come back from a tour through the western USA and Canada
looking at dinosaur, fossil and geological sites. I was one of the tour
leaders and, due to the success of the trip, it looks like we will be
leading more such trips in the future. To this end I am posting for more
information on some of the trackway sites I visited.

I originally found these sites in the Dinosaur Safari Guide by Vincenzo
Costa and I will refer to the page numbers and site numbers as given in
that book.

The first site was the Tuba City Trackway (Site No. 4.25, P149) in Arizona.
The site is just north of 160 a few miles from the junction with 89 on a
Navajo reservation (a visit to the site comes complete with a Navajo
guide). The guide describes the sites as early Jurassic theropods but it
looks more diverse than that.

The other sites are up near Moab. 1.4 (P44) is a sauropod trackway where
the animal appears to change direction with a limping theropod nearby. It
is off191 near its junction with I70. Another is the Potash Road Trackway
(1.7, P48). We also tried to find the Mill Canyon Dinosaur Trail (1.5, P46)
but overshot it a bit and found some indian pertoglyphs and a wet of small
theropod prints instread (close to the old stage coach station).

I would gladly appreciate any primary or popular references to these sites.

By way of a gloat, I should add that we also visited many other of the big
sites in the USA and Canada including Dinosaur NM, the RTM Drumheller and
Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta. The gloat is that, while in the
Drumheller area, I stumbled on a new dinosaur. Well, a new specimen anyway;
it was only a hadrosaur. However, I had to pause and reflect that, although
this was a scrappy and incomplete specimen, if I had found it in
Queensland, I would be able to secure tenure and grant funding

Cheers, Paul

Dr Paul M.A. Willis
Consulting Vertebrate Palaeontologist
Quinkana Pty Ltd