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Formal definition of the Dinosauria

   While arguing with the author of Ask Shagg over the proper definition 
of a dinosaur (the guy used an english dictionary, rather than a natural 
history text) I realized my article called "Dinosauria defined" does NOT 
have the definition of dinosauria.  It has Gauthier's 1986 definition of 
Saurischia and Padian's 1993 definition of Ornithischia, but not a 
similar definition for Dinosauria.

   So whut is the "official" definition of dinosauria?

   (BTW, the guy used Norman's definition of dinosauria to justify 
calling the Tuatara a living dinosaur.  Part of Norman's definition is an 
erect gait.  The Tuatara doesn't have an erect gait, does it?)

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