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Crumbling fossils at Tyrrell

[Jeff, I edited the address so that a (R)eply will work.  Let me know
 whenever you want me to do that sort of thing.  In any case, this
 looks like a job for Sally Shelton.  For everyone else, this message
 came via Jeff Poling who wrote the first paragraph. -- MR ]

   Would the professionals on the list be able to lend some aid in this
unfortunate situation?  (make sure you cut and paste the e-mail address in
the body -- if you do a (R)eply your mail will go knowhere).

Hi, I am an intern at the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller, Alberta.  I am
currently looking for information on Glyptal and Shellac, which have often
been used on our fossilized specimens in the past.  At the museum, we are
seeing that these consolidants/adhesives are deteriorating causing damage to
surrounding storage cabinets and to the specimens themselves.  I am looking
for information on how to remove these products or how to slow down their
deterioration process.  I am also interested in information from other
institutions who have had similar problems with these products in their
collections.  Any information would be helpful.  Please send information to
Tricia at the Tyrrell Museum at rtmp@dns.magtech.ab.ca, which is my e-mail
address.  Thanks.