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I saw the recent PaleoWorld last night, it was about the "big"
crocodilians from the Cretaceous and Cenozoic.

It was a good show, but they lacked some key information. First they
talked about Deinosuchus, but only the Texas material. Deinosuchus:
hatcheri, the type of Deinosuchus, was found at Willow Creek, 3 miles
west of Nolan and Archer's Ranch, in Fergus County, Montana. From the
Judith River Formation, Campanian, Late Cretaceous and described by
HOLLAND 1909, known from vertebrae, ribs and scutes, and interesting
thing is that it was origin ally thought to belong to Stereocephalus

The Texas material originally described as a new genus Phobosuchus
riograndensis COLBERT & BIRD 1954, was later found to belong to
Deinosuchus. It was a fragmentary skull and thought to belong to the
family Allogatoridae.
 Langston, notoriously known to hold on to material and not describe
them, talked about a lower jaw found years ago of Deinosuchus. I
haven't seen any paper on this lower jaw. But the real interesting
thing is the omission about the skull than Wann Langston has. Years
ago when the SVP was held in Texas, I visited the museum there and saw
what material I could. When I was leaving, someone asked me if I saw
the new skull of Deinosuchus. I hadn't known about it or else I would
have seen it. I looked over my shoulder and as I walked out saw the
complete skull. This is one of the reasons why Deinosuchus is thought
to be crocodilidae and not allogatorid.

Deinosuchus is also known from marine deposits from North Carolina,
New Jersey and Western Georgia. Deinosuchus rugosus (EMMONS 1858) =
Polyptychodon rugosus EMMONS 1858, some of the teeth were thought to
belong to a pliosaur. Schwimmer and Willams will be describing more
material at this years SVP.

I don't have much information on Purussaurus from Brazil. I have seen
the cast at the SVP (there it is again) when it was held at San Diego
a few years ago and I must say it is very impressive. If anyone has a
citation for the new skull, I'd like to know.