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Shedding feathers

WARNING: Speculation ahead!

I apologize for not giving credit to whoever wrote this [that would be
George Olshevsky -- MR ]and for the late response but this was

>Indeed it is eminently possible. So--why don't they show up in either of the
>two otherwise virtually complete specimens of _Compsognathus_? As you note,
>they could have washed away after falling out, but then we have to account
>for why the little carcasses themselves were otherwise so undisturbed. After
>all, the feathers didn't wash away in _Archaeopteryx_ (except in those
>specimens that are practically dismembered), and the taphonomy of the
>_Compsognathus_ specimens is quite similar.

        Could it be feasable to think that feathers might be a "seasonal" 
characteristic? Reptiles shed their skin to grow. Is that analogous?