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Enquiry about evouliton of Maniraptors

                                                          31  A Norte 1028
                                                          72090 Puebla, Puebla.
                                                          October 2, 1996

Dear members of the list of discussion:

 I am Josue Ramirez-Romero, and I am studying the first semester
of Biology at the Universidad de las Americas-Puebla. I am taking an
advanced technical writing course in English. One of my assignments is to
write a research paper of a topic of my own interest. The topic I have
selected  is "Evolution of Maniraptors."
        I wondered if you would help me in  my research by means of
answering me the next two questions related to my research:
                1. What is the best proof of the evolution of Maniraptors
into birds of today?
                2. What are the disproving points of the evolution of
Maniraptors about?
        I will thank you very much if you would send me additional and 
relevant information to my inquiry.
        My telephone number is (91 22) 30 51 93, and my e-mail address is 
[bi102194@udlapvms.pue.udlap.mx].  I am allowed to receive fax impressions
at the number 91 22 29 20 77.
        I thank you for taking the time to read this letter and I also
thank you before hand or answering it. I will send you a copy of my final 
paper once it will be completed.  My report is due the 21st of November 1996.


Josue Ramirez-Romero