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Re: Formal definition of the Dinosauria

George Olshevsky wrote:

>In a message dated 96-10-02 18:29:43 EDT, Thomas_R_HOLTZ@umail.umd.edu (th81)
>> When I suggested how much nicer things would have been if they had used
>> _Iguanodon_ instead of _Triceratops_ and _Megalosaurus_ instead of modern
>> birds, they thought it was a great idea.  Unfortunately, under the
>> principles of phylogenetic taxonomy, the first definition of a taxon under
>> those rules has priority.  Oh, well. 
>As soon as a suitable international body, such as the ICZN, accepts and
>ratifies these nomenclatural principles of phylogenetic taxonomy, I'll follow
>them. Until then, it's a total free-for-all.

A) It isn't a total free-for-all, because as long as someone states in their
paper that they are using the principles of phylogentic taxonomy, they will
be held accountable to that, international body or no.

B)  Interesting things are happening with the ICZN... :-)

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