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Theft From Cleveland Lloyd Quarry - Reply

I have been talking with various people about the Cleveland-Lloyd Quarry
thefts in Utah, and have the following update:

Sometime between September 9-12, 1996, locked buildings (Visitors Center
and Quarry Building) were purposely broken into at the Cleveland-Lloyd
Quarry, and several fossils were taken from there and the nearby Quarry
23.    Various fossils, and a claw cast,  were stolen, including fossil
caudal vertebrae, ribs, femora,  a scapula, a mandible, and other elements
of an apatosaur, camarasaur, allosaur, and elements of similar but unknown
dinosaurs.  The bones are mostly black and shiny, but some elements may
be more of a dull gray.    Most of these fossils have been exhibited for
several years at the Quarry, and we are most interested in getting the
fossils returned.

Leads are currently being explored on this felony theft, but if you see
or think you may have recently seen these fossils anywhere, or have any
other information related to this theft, please contact the Emery County
(Utah) Sherriff's Office Detective Division at 1-801-381-2404, or the Bureau
of Land Management at 1-800-722-3998.


Harley J. Armstrong
BLM CO State Paleontologist/
Regional BLM Paleontologist for AK, CO, Eastern States, and UT
BLM Grand Junction District Office
2815 H Rd.
Grand Junction, CO 81506
(970) 244-3080  (office)
(970 244-3083 (fax)