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sauropod mandible?

        I was in the bookstore today and chanced across a book by Peter
Matthiesen (_At Play in the Fields of the Lord_) about "The Cloud Forest"
and it had a picture of a jaw in it, quite a large thing, by the looks of
the picture, and just guessing by the looks of it, the upper mandible of a
sauropod dinosaur. I don't have much experience guessing fossils, but it
looked like someone had lopped off the snout of a Brachiosaurus and busted
all the teeth out.
        Does anybody know about this fossil? If it is sauropod skull
material, then it might be important- I didn't catch to much from
the book skimming over the text, but I kind of got the impression this was
somewhere just up in the hills in South America. If anybody is curious, I
can go back and get the complete reference for the book and a better
description. I guess what I'm asking is: is there anything in the
literature about this? Is it possible that something that would seem
pretty important-like what might concievably be one of the biggest pieces
of sauropod skull-in SA could just be languishing in someone's backyard in
Peru or wherever the heck the photo was taken? Actually, perhaps I should
just go direct to the guru and ask McIntosh...

        Nick L