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Dino Hunt

I hope I can be forgiven a brief commercial announcement . . .

My "DINO HUNT" game is finally shipping! It will be in stores around October 10.

This list was an invaluable resource. Huge thanks go to Tom Holtz, who
spent a lot of patient time with me, correcting text and critiquing art. I
also want to acknowledge George Olshevsky, David Froehlich, Colin McHenry,
Neil Taylor, and the other list members who helped me nail down various
points. Any remaining errors, of course, are my responsibility alone.

What's the game like? I was hoping you would ask :-)   DINO HUNT was
designed as a family game -- simple enough for kids to play, but not boring
for adults. The idea was to create a game that dino-loving kids could play,
AND learn more about dinosaurs than just their names. In playtest, though,
it turned out to be a whole lot of fun for adults, if they're adults who
love dinosaurs!

Each dinosaur card has up-to-date scientific data and a full-color
illustration by Pat Ortega or Bob Walters, both top dinosaur artists. And
yes, the game carries the Diinosaur Society seal of approval. We did our
best to get this one right, and I think we did a pretty good job. We're
hoping that museum stores will want to pick it up.

Okay. Enough of the sales talk.  If you'd like to know more, please hit our
web page at http://www.sjgames.com/dinohunt -- or just drop in on your
local game or card store. (Yes, we do sell by direct mail, but if you have
a good local store, PLEASE give them the business . . . these are tough
days for retailers.)

I will be at SVP, and I'll do my best to make my nametag legible . . . I
hope to meet many of you there, and if you feel like playing a game, well,
I can be talked into it!

 Steve Jackson - yes, of SJ Games - yes, we won the Secret Service case
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