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Re: [davis@kahaku.go.jp: Q's arising from Archaeopteryx feathers]

Paul Willis wrote:

> I'm not sure that this is true. I remember a Gould essay dealing with the
> development of flight feathers from down feathers which had lots of numbers
> and graphs in it so it must have been true. I've just checked my library
> and suspect that this essay is in "The Flamingoes Smile" which is the only
> title in the series that I have lost. Does any one out there have a copy

     I don't know if you are referring to "Not Neccessaily a Wing", which 
outlines the problems of wing development "from scratch" that I just 
outlined, and how exaptation provides a solution.  That article is in 
"Bully for Brontosaurus" (I think).

LN Jeff