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Re: Mongolian dinosaur inspires religion in grad student

At 15:49 3/10/96 -0500, Wagner wrote:

>>        But of course!  The D-shaped premax teeth of Pelicanomimus are
>>probably what keeps making the ornithomims come out as sister to the
>Have you coded the maxillary and dentary tooth form yet?

>        To the best of my ability, I believe so.  Falls under:
>        Extreme tooth density
>        Teeth with a basal constriction
>        I don't see what you're getting at quite yet.  I think that the
>program is interpreting most of the tooth characters as Bullatosaur (sensu
>Wagner, sorry again :) plesiomorphies.  It is possible that part of the
>problem is that Holtz 1994 is still not fully integrated into the dataset
>(and Russel et Dong 1993 is waiting...), because I left my great big
>character map at home in Virginia.
>        Like I said, work in progress...  :)

Hi again. I would like to know how exactly have you coded the above
characters for Troodontidae, Tyrannosauridae, Ornithomimosauria and
Alvarezsauridae (Mononykus-like forms). Because I think that those
characters are derived for Troodontidae, Ornithomimosauria and
Alvarezsauridae, but they are primitive for Tyrannosauridae (you can see it
in the paper on Pelecanimimus). And, if you add more characters, you can see
that the teeth are very similar in those three taxa and different from the
ones in Tyrannosauridae.
I hope this can help you.

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