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Questions of Various Kinds

To all:

I have a few questions ...

1) Would it be inaccurate to restore _Archaeopteryx_ with body feathers?

2) Does _Pelecanimimus_ indeed have feathers?

3) Do any imprints suggest that hypsilophodonts had an insulative covering?

4) Did pterosaurs have an insulative covering?

5) Do specimens of _Allosaurus_ suggest any kind of sexual dimorphism?

6) Did sauropods have any kind of non-bony dorsal spines?

7) Do recent paleornithological discoveries support the
archaeopteryx-to-neornithid theory?

8) Have the giant asian dromaeosaurs been described officially yet?

9) What kinds of dinosaurs are known from New Jersey?

10) Has the sauropod discovered with _Afrovenator_ been named yet?

11) How many different species of _Apatosaurus_, _Brachiosaurus_,
_Camarasaurus_, and _Diplodocus_ are there?

12) Is _Ornitholestes_ closely related to _Allosaurus_?

13) What kind of evidence is there to disprove endothermy (or primitive
endothermy) in dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and advanced thecodonts?

14) Is _Albertosaurus_ the valid generic name for the species "A. libratus"?

15) How many dinosaurs have names beginning with "Q"?

16) Was _Saurornitholestes_ almost identical to _Velociraptor_?

That's all for now.  Answers for any will be greatly appreciated.  

Rachel "O Inquisitive One" Clark