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Burian book

Today I went in search for Feduccia's new book, it's eluded me for
awhile. I went to Scripps Oceanography books store to look for it. But
alas no, it wasn't there either, but I did find the New edition of
Life Before Man, by Zdenek V. Spinar with the majority of art work by
Zdenek Burian.  I'm a big Burian fan and at first I thought it was
just a soft cover edition of the book that came out years ago, but no,
it has at least a dozen paintings that I hadn't seen before! It's 256
pages long and cost $16.95, and worth every cent. I bought Searching
for Velociraptor a few weeks ago and it cost me $15.95 and it's only
32 pages and in my opinion not worth the money.

ISBN 0-500-27796-6

Thames and Hudsion publishers.