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Re: Bipedal apatosaurs and stegosaurs?

Nick Longrich wrote:

>       Yes, the use of mind-altering substances can get you in a lot of
> trouble ;)
>       It's difficult to imagine this, but then, it's also difficult to
> imagine 30 tonne animals rearing up to feed, or 30 tonne animals period.
> It raises an interesting question- whether they could at all-
> I suppose there's no reason why not but it seems like an impractical way
> to go for long distances.

I'm doubting this too.  If the forelimbs were physically long enough to reach 
the ground, why would you not use them?  Especially when they were obviously 
walking feet almost identicle to the ones in Diplocus, Barosaurus etc (in 
Apatosaurus anyway...).

> But then, hell, 20-30 tonne bipeds- duckbills- seem to be
> possible. But it also seems to me that their forelimbs are much more
> slender than in stegosaurs and diplodocids.

I seriously doubt that any ankylopolexan (post camptosaur ornithopod) was 
bipedal for any extended period of time.  This is confirmed with trackway 
evidence and structural evidence (again, if your forelimbs could reach the 
ground why wouldn't you use them for walking, especially when the hand is a 
derived psuedo-hoof and not the grasping hand of earlier ornithopods).  
Therizinosauroids are a different case altogether though since in their 
evolution, their hands got longer more slender claws rather than shorter ones 
one would expect if they used their forelimbs in walking.

Peter Buchholz

"Asteroids do not concern me Admiral."