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Re: Questions of Various Kinds

Rachel Clark wrote:

>1) Would it be inaccurate to restore _Archaeopteryx_ with body feathers?


>2) Does _Pelecanimimus_ indeed have feathers?

Wait on this one: Bernardino Perez-Moreno and colleagues have a paper coming
out on this soon.

>3) Do any imprints suggest that hypsilophodonts had an insulative covering?

I have heard this, but not seen it.

>4) Did pterosaurs have an insulative covering?

Perhaps, although a lot of the "fur" reported on earlier specimens turns out
to be wing fibres.

>5) Do specimens of _Allosaurus_ suggest any kind of sexual dimorphism?

Suggestions, but not good morphometric proof (yet).

>6) Did sauropods have any kind of non-bony dorsal spines?

Looks like it.

>7) Do recent paleornithological discoveries support the
>archaeopteryx-to-neornithid theory?

In my opinion, yes.  (Chiappe would agree).

>8) Have the giant asian dromaeosaurs been described officially yet?


>9) What kinds of dinosaurs are known from New Jersey?

Hadrosaurus foulkii, Dryptosaurus aquilunguis, "Coelosaurus" antiquus, among
others (oh, the edmontosaurinin "Hadrosaurus" minor).

>10) Has the sauropod discovered with _Afrovenator_ been named yet?

It hasn't been named by Sereno et al. yet, although there is some
suggestions that it may be "Rebbachisaurus" tamesnensis (which is not a

>11) How many different species of _Apatosaurus_, _Brachiosaurus_,
>_Camarasaurus_, and _Diplodocus_ are there?

BIG question.  Depends on the taxonomist you are listening to at the time.
Probably at least two good species for each of these/

>12) Is _Ornitholestes_ closely related to _Allosaurus_?

Define "closely related".  I remain unconvinced by Greg Paul's arguement
that Ornitholestes is closer to an Allosaurus-tyrannosaurid clade than to
the maniraptorans.

>13) What kind of evidence is there to disprove endothermy (or primitive
>endothermy) in dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and advanced thecodonts?

Too big a subject for here.  Check various papers out there by Ruben, among

>14) Is _Albertosaurus_ the valid generic name for the species "A. libratus"?

Maybe.  It depends on whether libratus is closer to Albertosaurus
sarcophagus than it is to other tyrannosaurids (Daspletosaurus or
Tyrannosaurus or what have you).  If it is not closer to A. sarcophagus than
to other tyrannosaurids, than the valid generic name is "Gorgosaurus".

>15) How many dinosaurs have names beginning with "Q"?

Quaesitosaurus and...?

>16) Was _Saurornitholestes_ almost identical to _Velociraptor_?

Pretty darn close.  Deinonychus, though, is a different case, especially
given the new material being studied by Maxwell and Witmer.

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