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Re: Questions of Various Kinds

At 18:00 4/10/96 -0500, Rachel wrote:

>2) Does _Pelecanimimus_ indeed have feathers?

I tried to answer this some days ago, but my message never appears in the
net. So I do it now. We have finished the analysis of the integumentary
impressions found in _Pelecanimimus_, and we ("we" are some of the members
of the Las Hoyas Team and people from the University of Bristol, whose are
(I think) the best ones on fossil soft tissues) have send a manuscript to a
top-level journal, so you have to wait sometime (I hope just a few weeks) to
know the answer.

>7) Do recent paleornithological discoveries support the
>archaeopteryx-to-neornithid theory?

Yes. Nearly every new discovery supports the _Archaeopteryx_-Neornithes
relationship. You can read the paper by Chiappe (Nature, 1995; I can't
remember now the issue, but I think that some days ago somebody give the
exact reference), where he made a review of the first 85 million years of
avian evolution.
See you. Nino.

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